Staff Spotlight: Vicki Vasil, Brand Marketing Manager
May 29th, 2013

Staff Spotlight: Vicki Vasil, Brand Marketing Manager

by Mel Beasley

This month’s staff spotlight is on Vicki Vasil, Sage Island’s own Brand Marketing Manager. A true marketer, Vicki has known she wanted to be in this field since the third grade. She earned her bachelor’s degree in copywriting from Syracuse, one of the only universities who offer this specific program. After having worked for both an ad agency and a retail agency for a few years, she went on to earn her master’s degree in Sports Management from Springfield College in Massachusetts.

Finally seizing the opportunity to combine her two loves, action sports and marketing, Vicki took on an in-house marketing position with Surf Expo in Atlanta, where she worked for several years. However, drawn by our reputation as smart marketers and our niche for action sports clients, Vicki found her new home at Sage Island in April of 2011.

Transitioning from her previous role as an Account Executive, Vicki is excited to help clients develop their company brand and social media presence. She describes her position as a chance for businesses to have their own in-house marketer, but from the perspective of someone who’s outside their bubble. “Helping businesses distinguish between how they see themselves versus how customers view their brand can be quite a challenge for companies,” she says. Vicki is here to help shape your company into a brand that customers not only recognize, but one they can stand behind.


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