Technology Support

At Sage Island, we love technology.

It’s brought us many wonderful things, such as the iconic Buzzfeed lists we all love to read,  #ClicheHashTags, and enough Pinterest pins to last a lifetime. But loving technology doesn’t mean it’s always easy to use or understand, which is why we’ve created a few simple email tutorials to get you up and running on your high-tech device. Plus, the less time you spend setting up your email, the more time you can spend crafting the perfect tweet. What’s not to love? Reference the below links to learn more about how you can set up your email accounts on your preferred device.

Work Live with our Hosting Department

If things still aren’t clicking, rest assured we are here to help! Aside from traditional means of communicating and providing customer service via phone, our hosting department is more than happy to work live with you and your device via Citrix. Upon arranging a set time/date for working live, you can then click here to get started.

It's more than a message in a bottle.

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