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August 6th, 2012

Surf Art Launches!

by sage island

The long awaited moment has happened and the new and improved Surf Art has launched! This fully ecommerce website promoting high-end, fine art pieces dedicated to ocean heritage & surfing is one of the largest online galleries of its kind and features over 40 artists and 2000 art pieces! Wow, that’s a lot of Surf Art in one place and luckily we have put some innovative tools in place to help with make the site very user friendly:

  • We programmed a filtering tool to allow viewers to easily narrow their results via artists, size, subject, color and even price for a quick and efficient search and purchase.
  • Besides being a user friendly site, you will find that pages within the site are beautifully decorated with clean art images, brief descriptions on the art piece and an artist’s bio.
  • Not sure if the art piece will look good in your home? Not to worry because this new site even includes a fun ‘Select your wall color’ tool that displays your chosen art piece on your selected wall color background.

Go check it out and be sure to become followers of Surf Art’s Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest pages!

Surf Art Site

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