Surfalorus Film Festival Brand Identity Development
August 28th, 2016

Surfalorus Film Festival

by sage island

Back Story

2017 marks the sixth year for the Surfalorus Film Festival.

This annual event, which got its start in Wilmington, is a partnership between Cucalorus and the Dare County Arts Council. Surfalorus showcases films about surfing, surf culture, and the marine environment, and has been held in the Outer Banks for the last three years.


As an offshoot of Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival, the Surfalorus brand needed to be clearly linked to its parent festival, while at the same time standing clearly on its own. The client wanted to tie in Cucalorus’s well-known monster theme, while maintaining a relaxing coastal vibe.


The Sage Island team worked together with the Cucalorus and Surfalorus boards to create a cool surfing-focused theme that truly captured the essence of this beloved festival.

After many potential designs, a winner was finally chosen for 2017. The final product is design rich and attention grabbing. It has a vintage, handmade feel that matches previous years and the now infamous logo. The colors are refreshing, tropical, and perfectly reflect the vibe of this fun and festive celebration of surf culture.

Surfalorus Surf Film Festival Logo Design

2013 Surfalorus Film Festival Poster Design

2014 Surfalorus Film Festival Poster Design

2015 Surfalorus Film Festival Poster Design

2016 Surfalorus Film Festival Poster Design

The Results

Sage Island was excited to help continue this annual tradition and assist Surfalorus in finding their theme for the year.

We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

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