August 24th, 2011

The Fuzzy Peach!

by Elizabeth Peavy

What’s more fun than delicious frozen yogurt and dozens of toppings that range from fresh kiwis to Fruity Pebbles?! Well, not much actually and that is why we are proud and honored to be a part of the young and fun Fuzzy Peach website revamp. We here at Sage Island are huge fans of this booming local business and were thrilled to have the opportunity to build a new website appropriately mimicking the fun feel of the growing company.

In addition to this colorful website that showcases mouth watering products, store photography, a list of their ever changing flavors, and of course a blog section, we also worked with the team on new cup designs (coming soon!) and cleverly witty idioms that we just know their fans will love: “Carpe di Peach” everyone!

The new site was custom designed and built in DotNetNuke with the incorporation of a WordPress blog to keep their many fans in the know. We’re getting hungry just looking at it, so check it out for yourself and go visit one of their four locations in town!



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