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October 1st, 2013

Today's Top 5 Buzzwords Explained

by Chris Dunn

As the end of 2013 approaches, most marketers take a minute to reflect on the year past and the new trends that have emerged. In the SEO world, trends are constantly created in the form of buzzwords that seem to spread faster than a viral video of some Norwegian brothers trying to figure out what a fox says. The problem with buzzwords is that some can get so creative, that even a seasoned SEO veteran can have a hard time decoding its meaning let alone a business owner who is trying to bootstrap their SEO efforts on their own. After sifting through endless buzzword lists, I’ve pulled what I feel are the top five buzzwords used today that make absolutely no sense to the common person, and explain what they really mean.

1. Link Juice

No, it’s not some new health smoothie that promises incredible results. Link Juice is a funny term used to describe the value that flows between webpages through links. When you link to another site, you are passing on some of your sites authority, or “juice” as well.

2. Link Bait

Shhh, we’re hunting wabbits; or links in this case. Link baiting is the process of creating content that encourages others to link to it. Being the resource for useful information not only draws visitors to your website, but links from other sites.

3. Long Tail Keyword Optimization

Keywords don’t have tails, but they do vary in length. Most searches are done using short keywords and phrases around one to three words. Long tail keywords are longer keyword phrases that have lower search volume. They tend to be very specific and have a higher conversion rate compared to their short-tailed relatives.

4. Web Spiders

Unlike those creepy crawly eight-legged horror creatures, web spiders aren’t spiders at all; they are actually software applications used by search engines to crawl the interwebs and index pages. They travel from page to page through links, which is why links are so important in SEO.

5. Back Link Audit

This is a service we can provide that reviews the links from other sites pointing to your website. In some cases there may be links directed to your site from unwanted sources that could be imposing negative effects on your rankings in search engines. By going through and looking at each link, we can determine which ones are good and which ones are junk. Just like that 1992 hit song, baby got back… links.

Hopefully this has helped shed some light on some terms you’ve probably heard often used and never quite knew what they meant. Eventually these buzzwords will be replaced with new buzzwords and the cycle will continue on an infinite loop of buzzing. As long as you focus on providing visitors to your website with great content that is helpful and informative, and don’t get caught up in the latest and greatest trick, you’ll be just fine. Contact us to implement an SEO strategy today.

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