August 21st, 2018

Truckers Run the Nation

by Katie Sasser

Back Story

Truckers Run the Nation is a company that sells a variety of hats, caps, stickers, and belt buckles with the two-part goal of changing the public perception of truckers and of bringing awareness to the vital part they play in society and industry.

Truckers Run the Nation tasked Sage Island with creating a website to promote its mission and products before heading off to The Great American Trucking Show, a convention attended by leading trucking professionals across the country.


Sage Island took on the project only days prior to the convention, so the required turnaround on the project was quick, yet very doable. The client provided a paragraph of text explaining the company’s mission as the initial biographical content on its website, as well as a few product samples.

Our marketing and development teams joined forces to polish and expand on those elements to create an elegant, intuitive eCommerce website.



To ensure the website communicated a professional, but inclusive tone, our copywriting team reworked the provided content to refine elements like grammar, sentence structure, and storytelling flow. We inserted paragraph breaks to make the text more readable on the About page.

We also updated copy for the homepage slider images, and created descriptions for each individual product. We based the product copy on specifications provided by the manufacturer, and then used our impressions of the physical product samples to add depth and detail to each description.

Product Photography

We utilized our in-house studio setup to photograph each product from multiple angles. Our design team then retouched the photos in Photoshop to create polished, detailed images that would promote each product in a professional manner.

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine marketing team completed keyword research and optimized the website to further improve search ranking for what Truckers Run the Nation sells, which involved optimizing all pages’ meta data, alt image tags, page headers, and eCommerce product page meta data. We also re-structured each product page’s visual layout for potential buyers to easily find and learn more information about a given product and make a buying decision.

See the results here.


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