December 22nd, 2011

‘Twas the Night Before a Site Launch

by sage island

Below is a fun, parody of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, written in Sage Island jargon! Enjoy and happy holidays!

‘Twas the night before a site launch, when all through Sage,
The whole production team was working in quite the rage.
The site was designed, and built with care,
In hopes to drive many business leads there.

The meta data was nestled, all snug in the right spot.
While visions of qualified traffic danced as a marketing thought.
And the SEM team had on their thinking caps,
Of just how to bring in qualified traffic, and not traffic crap.

When out in the hosting department arose such a clatter,
The whole team sprang from their chairs to see what was the matter.
Away to Stuart and Brandon they flew in a flash,
Only to find out the server had temporarily crashed.

Not to worry, we were told, it will be fixed A-S-A-P.
Then the site was back up, and everyone jumped with glee!
When, what to our marketing eyes do we see,
But an awesome launched site, functional with J-Query.

Built in a content management system, so lively and slick,
We knew at the moment, our marketing skills did the trick!
More rapid than eagles, the qualified traffic then came,
And Google analytics was tracking, calling keywords by name!

Now Conversions! Now Pageviews! Now Bounce Rate! Now Unique Visits!
On Referring Sites! On Traffic Sources! On Time on Site! And on New Visits!
To the top of organic search! To the top of the search wall!
Now, convert away! Convert away! Convert away all!

And then, in a twinkling moment, we read from our stats,
Our hard work paid off and we were due a “congrats!”.
For the site was truly a success, increasing that ROI,
The client was pleased (and we were, too—we won’t lie).

And we smiled proudly, but went straight back to work.
We filled out our timesheets, then turned with a jerk–
We heard the phone ring, a potentially new client we hear…
Another project to start, with a deadline so near!

So we sprang to our computers, and to our team gave a whistle,
And away we all worked like the down of a thistle.
And you’ll hear us exclaim, as we dove into our new, fun, project task,
“Thank you for your business. If you ever need marketing services, you need to just ask!’

It's more than a message in a bottle.

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