February 10th, 2009

Twitter rises to #3 social media site

by sage island

Last month, TechCrunch reported that Facebook has grown to double the size of MySpace, which was once the top social media site in terms of traffic, growth, and users. Now according to Compete, Twitter is rising fast.

In the past year, Twitter has jumped from the #22 spot in visits to #3. It’s still light years behind Facebook and MySpace, though. Facebook receives an astonishing 1,191,373,339 visits per month and MySpace receives 810,153,536, which puts Twitter at a distant third with only 54,218,731 monthly visits. But Twitter is showing amazing potential for growth. It continues to grow exponentially as MySpace’s numbers (both in visits and time on site) are declining. This is even more amazing considering the fact that Twitter has no business model and no revenue. Yet.

It will be interesting to see where Twitter goes next, and what social media sites will skyrocket in the coming year.

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