April 4th, 2017

Virginia Rheumatology Clinic

by Gregory Mason

Since 2006, Dr. Brinda Dixit and her team at Virginia Rheumatology Clinic have been providing superior care and service to patients with rheumatic disorders and osteoporosis.

They pride themselves on offering quality care in a relaxed and quiet setting, and offering services such as physician consultations, DEXA scan interpretation, on-site infusion therapy, and laboratory blood drawing facilities.


This fully integrated medical practice needed a website that matched their level of skill, professionalism, and experience.

Their focus on preventing, treating and diagnosing rheumatic disorders with compassion and care was not quite getting the attention it deserved, and they hoped a more robust web presence would fix that. Sage Island agreed, and was happy to help. 


To capture the expertise and compassion found at Virginia Rheumatology Clinic, the Sage Island designers gave the site a complete overhaul. While there are still some common themes throughout, the transformation makes a big impact.

It was important that the new website showcased Virginia Rheumatology Clinic’s wonderful qualities while embracing a fresh new look that truly reflected the clinic. The new design of this website is clean, polished, and most importantly user-friendly. It is now effortless to read and search for information—an important quality for anyone seeking crucial resources for their health.

The overall look and feel makes visitors instantly comfortable and welcome. The new design expresses what current patients already know—that Virginia Rheumatology Clinic is a trusted practice deeply rooted in the community.

The new website is also cohesive and organized.

It provides easy access to all patient portals such as medical records and patient documents. In today’s rushed age of information overload, these tools are essential for the patient and the clinic. New features like the large icons and clean graphics make navigation seamless. The sharp and classic font gives the site a polished and professional feel, much like the clinic itself.

Some other notable changes are the high quality images and a soothing color palette. The colors and images not only make the site easier to search, but are also pleasing to the eye. Finishing touches include highlighting the personal patient testimonials and background information. These features keep users informed and give them insight to the practice, which will bring them one step closer to being loyal patients. 

The Results

Calming, accessible, and to use—this website now truly represents Virginia Rheumatology Clinic. Check out their newly redesigned website: http://www.varheumclinic.com

virginia rheumatology clinic website

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