Wave Transit website redesign
March 17th, 2017

Wave Transit

by Gregory Mason

The mission of Wave Transit (also known as the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority) is to develop and maintain an effective, efficient, and safe system of public transportation services within Southeastern North Carolina, which is responsive to the mobility needs of the community.

Their goal is to maintain and encourage the use of public transportation to help the economy, conserve natural resources, and protect the environment.

The Challenge

Making public transportation more accessible requires busses, vans, and city trails.

It also requires an easy-to-use and clearly organized website, one that helps visitors find the information they need to take advantage of the city’s services. Sage Island had designed their website years ago, but it had since become dated, falling below current standards. It also lacked clear organization, as Wave Transit had expanded its services since the original design was launched and updates hadn’t been made in a clear and cohesive manner.

The Solution

To give Wave Transit an organized, accessible, and attractive website that could help them achieve their mission, Sage Island employed several strategies.

We redesigned the homepage using vibrant imagery and clear calls-to-action.

To create excitement and enthusiasm for public transportation, we used large, bold photos of Wave Transit passengers and staff. A rotating header creates visual interest and highlights ideas such as community, service, and accessibly. Further down the homepage are a number of call-out-graphics that further highlight important and useful information, such as different ways to plan a trip, route and service alerts, and a link to Wave Connect, which focuses on accessibility services. (Fun fact: Sage Island helped create the branding strategy and logo for Wave Connect!) Finally, there are links to Wave Transit’s various social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, which is yet another way for the transportation authority to reach its audience and help get the community on board.

We formatted routes, schedules and maps to be easier to read and understand.

The most-visited page of Wave Transit’s website is their Bus Routes, Schedules, and Maps section. Sage Island’s programmers and designers redesigned this page to be clearer and easier to understand. Fixed bus routes are listed on the page with links that open to PDFs of route maps, as well as a detailed PDF listing the stops on each route. This allows visitors to find the route they need and make sure their stop is listed.

We programmed real-time bus tracking so visitors can see the status of their ride.

Because Wave Transit passengers are generally on-the-go, we made sure the real-time tracking option is mobile-friendly. This is especially helpful for passengers who are waiting at bus stops, trying to decide which bus to catch, or want to simply plan their day more effectively. To this end, passengers can utilize Text Message Bus Tracking by following the instructions on the text message page, or use a mobile-friendly tracking version of the website, which is updated every 30 seconds so passengers can see where their bus is and when it will arrive.

The Results

Sage Island was pleased to help Wave Transit improve the lives of people in Southeastern North Carolina through public transportation. It’s safe to say we’re “on board,” and we hope after seeing their new website, you are too!

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Wave Transit Public Transportation Website Design

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