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October 31st, 2017

WB Live Surf

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Since April 2003, WB Live Surf has provided the region with a locals’ surf website, focused on the culture and lifestyle of the sport so that anyone can experience a day in the life of a surfer.

Tony and Jenn Butler, the founders of WB Live Surf, update the reports four or more times each day, just so anyone can get the most accurate report on the waves possible, at any point in the day. Their consistency and dedication made the site a reliable resource from the start.


Though a few updates to the layout were necessary for the website to keep providing the very best to its loyal followers and advertisers, everyone wanted to hang on to the important parts that make WB Live Surf a local authority and resource.


All good websites have a logical flow.

A Streamlined Layout

While WB Live Surf’s definitely did the job before our updates, we made a few changes that optimized the content and still gave advertisers plenty of love. The team also made features like the live camera and weather updates more prominent so that local surfers could find what they were looking for more quickly, which made it easier for them to use the site as it was intended: to enjoy the waves!

Updated Photos and Graphics

Before the Sage Island crew took a look at the website as a whole, some of the amazing photographs of North Carolina coast weren’t getting as much notice as they could have been. Instead of making it a process to locate them via clicking between pages, we added a scrolling feature for easy viewing.

WooCommerce Extension

Rather than having a third party eComm site that linked out and away from the website, we integrated a WooCommerce extension so that visitors to WB Live Surf could browse and purchase the brand’s merchandise more directly. This way, customers would still be able to get right back to the surf report without reentering the website after perusing the shop.

Updated, Engaging Language

WB Live Surf already had great copy on its site, so we only tweaked and condensed it in places. The results, though, made for clean landing pages all while retaining the easygoing, friendly vibe of the original website.

The Results

WB Live Surf Report Site Design

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