June 13th, 2014

Web Development and the Action Sports Industry

by Regina DiPerna

Over the years, Sage Island has worked with many action sports brands, both local and national. With the World Cup just around the corner, it’s a glaring reminder of how sports equipment and apparel companies are taking the world by storm through innovative branding and marketing campaigns. Many action sports brands are now just as viable as the brightest tech startups or luxury brands. At Sage Island, we enjoy working with skate, ski, snow, and surf brands, and we use our creative skills to deliver a website that is youthful and edgy, yet still delivers powerful results.

When our team starts on the initial creative brainstorming for an action sports client, the first thing we do is consider their goals. No two action sports brands are alike, and no two companies are doing the same thing. When designing a website, we ask ourselves what the company wants to accomplish—do they want to sell products, services, or memberships? Get customers into their brick and mortar business, or simply be a converging point for industry news? We listen to the client—it’s important to not only know what types of customers they have, but also what customers they want to have. Because action sports are a vertical market, it’s important to focus development efforts on the right audience. Once established, we build the client’s goals into every aspect of their site, from the graphic design all the way down to the microdata.

One of the things we love about working with action sports brands is how dynamic they are. Our action sports clients aren’t sitting around in a boardroom. When they’re not managing the company, they’re hitting the slopes, skate parks, and waves, and taking a hands-on approach to innovating their company.  It’s crucial to reflect that dynamic spirit in their web design, and one way to do that is through images. When it comes to the sports industry, never underestimate the power of a photograph to hit home with the viewer and make the site unforgettable. We use best-practice SEO and social media tactics to get qualified users on the site, but once they’re there, they need to believe in the brand’s authenticity before they convert. We grab their attention with striking, high-resolution images that get their adrenaline flowing, reminding them what they love about their sport. Pairing awe-inspiring photos with calls to action and intuitive design is key to success in action sports web development.

Messaging is also an important aspect of an action sports site. Most users of action sports websites are sports enthusiasts or even athletes—they know the tone and language around their sports, and if they think brand messaging was written by an outsider, it will diminish the brand’s reputation in their mind. Over the years, many of our action sports clients have entrusted our talented copywriting team to deliver results. We craft cutting-edge, energetic copy that matches each brand’s unique vibe and goals (it helps that we’ve got a handful of skateboarders, surfers, and runners on our team!). Importantly, our content team also knows how to seamlessly optimize brand copy to attract the most qualified traffic and appeal to what they are looking for. We enjoy embodying the voice of a brand, and using creative language to give action sports customers a rush.

We offer our customers a full range of marketing services, including web design, content development, graphic design, search engine marketing, social media marketing, hosting, and more. Contact us to see what we can do for your brand. Check out some of our finest work below!


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