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September 4th, 2013

What’s Inspiring Us This Month

by Vicki Vasil

The team at Sage Island constantly refreshes our knowledge and evolves our skillset by browsing and passing along to each other hundreds of industry reports, art and design articles, and websites on a weekly basis. Then, when it comes to our projects, we gather and brainstorm together, blending our musings as we investigate our clients’ current strategies, brand image and competitive landscape. But we often find inspiration from non-traditional places, too, that reenergize our creative process. Here’s a list of some things that are piquing our interest and making us happy this month.

  • Pocket: Pocket is an app that helps our marketing and account teams sort and save the tons of articles for later that we find about content marketing, social media and SEO. It’s a free app that can be saved to your browser. And it’ll sync across devices so we can save articles on our desktops during the day, and catch up on our laptop or tablet at home in the evening.

  •  Social Spark: Our internet marketing team is always keeping up with the variety of search engine optimization and content marketing tactics on the web. Social Spark is a new service that introduces your brand to popular bloggers to review, help spread the word about your product and share it across the social landscape. Our marketing team will begin to integrate this new service into our toolkit for some of our customers.

Social Spark - What Inspires Us at Sage Island

  • Mega-Menus: While the mega-menu is hardly a new feature on websites, its application is becoming more widespread beyond eCommerce sites, and our programming team has integrated a few of them for several of our clients recently. Mega-menus allow us to curate and sort the most relevant information for various customer segments that might visit a specific page on a website. Your customers tend to stay on your site longer when they can click directly through to their destination page, rather than being distracted as they navigate. Here are some examples of mega-menus for Wilmington Dermatology Center, Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation and Snowsports.org.

Wilmington Dermatology Center Mega Menu Website Development by Sage Island

Jones Onslow Electric Membership Corporation Mega Menu Website Development by Sage Island

SnowSports Mega Menu Website Development by Sage Island

  • Rights-Free Image Galleries: Imagery, especially on a website, can make or break your brand presence. The countless images in stock galleries can start to look the same to our designers after a while. But recently there has been a trend of websites popping up that publish copyright-free images at high, print-quality resolution formats that will fit even the most modern of sites with full, responsive photo backgrounds. The images provide options that we can use for our client’s work and inspiration that renders us diving deeper than basic stock photo search results. Two we look forward to checking out weekly are Unsplash and New Old Stock.
  • Online in 60 Seconds: This infographic created by Qmee went viral in the marketing world. In addition to drawing an unprecedented amount of traffic to Qmee’s online rewards site (great example of content marketing), the pie graph was simply successful in taking a variety of activities we all do every day and presenting them “apples to apples”. From Google searches to emails sent, eCommerce sales and websites built, even we were amazed at what goes down on the web every minute.

Qmee Online in 60 Seconds - What Inspires Us by Sage Island



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