December 19th, 2017

Wilmington Regional Film Commission

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Even since the early 1980s, the Wilmington Regional Film Commission has been a valuable asset to the regional film industry, providing filmmakers and producers from in and out of the state with the equipment and resources necessary to bring a project to life.

From reliable crew members to equipment and sound stage access, the commission can offer a full roster of capable hands and tech in addition to priceless local knowledge on locations and overall atmosphere.


Because the commission has been an active entity in the area economy and arts community, it was already well-known for its services and presence.

But to better promote those special skills and crew, the commission needed a more cohesive website, one that would showcase those qualities rather than bury them. In addition to a little rebranding and design, the Sage Island crew was happy to do just that.


Organization and Content Refinement

First things first: in order to effectively utilize the content that the commission already featured on the site, we needed to take a look at the existing flow and organization. As a team, we managed to condense a few smaller pages so that there were fewer tabs to distract incoming viewers and optimize the content so that each paragraph we moved would complement the ones currently on the page.

Site Design

Besides reshuffling content and pages, we also redesigned the website with new colors and images. The commission was incredibly helpful in bringing out behind-the-scenes shots and past projects’ photos, which helped us bolster the content and messaging to show off its many talents. We also brightened up the design with a blue and yellow-highlighted color scheme and made the entire thing mobile-friendly and responsive.

Messaging and Information

While some areas needed some trimming, other sections of the website required a little more information to really lend the Wilmington Regional Film Commission a method of setting itself apart from the crowd. One place that was particularly important to highlight in the new site was the background and specs of the stages within the EUE Screen Gems Studios.

See the results here.

It's more than a message in a bottle.

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