Wilmington Yoga Center Logo Design
August 18th, 2016

Wilmington Yoga Center

by sage island

Back Story

Founded in 2000, Wilmington Yoga Center has become a staple within the Wilmington community.

They pride themselves on being a true community center that welcomes people from all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you want to understand yoga and healthy lifestyle practices, Wilmington Yoga Center is the place to be. They provide a variety of classes that includes everything from hot yoga to candlelit relaxation to teacher training programs.


Yoga may be the hot new trend in fitness, but the Wilmington Yoga Center’s special approach puts them one step above the competition.

They knew it was essential that their logo and brand communicate this profound difference while uniting and empowering their members. While yoga can seem intimidating, Wilmington Yoga Center’s approach makes people feel less like customers and more like family. For these reasons, they asked Sage Island to develop a new logo that was just as welcoming and approachable.


Starting from the ground up, the Sage Island design team worked together with Wilmington Yoga Center to create an authentic logo that accurately captured the essence of their studio.

After many potential designs, a winner was chosen. The final product is design rich, without being overwhelming. The curves and lines throughout the inside of the circle represent the beautiful flow and bends of the body. The color is a peaceful and calming blue that reflects the soothing nature of Wilmington Yoga Center, yet still pops in signage, on print advertisements, and on the web.

The Results

Sage Island was thrilled to create a sleek yet friendly logo that reflects Wilmington Yoga Center’s brand and essence. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Wilmington Yoga Center Logo Design

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