September 14th, 2016

Win Over Millennials with Video Marketing

by Kathryn Collins

The key to effective marketing is meeting your audience where they are. The millennial generation, which includes adults ages 18-34, can typically be found swiping through Snapchat stories, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook feeds, or watching the latest viral video on YouTube. Smartphones have become the prime source for their daily content, which is why it is crucial to integrate video content into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s through a ten second Snapchat story, a YouTube “About Us” video, or a Facebook Live event, it’s clear that America’s millennials are best targeted through video marketing.

Why is it so important to display video content to this particular generation? According to recent studies in The Content Strategist, 80% of millennials turn to video when deciding what to buy. Therefore, a nearly guaranteed method to success is to stream your message directly into the hands of the buyer. Luckily there are a variety of places to publish videos and a range of ways to successfully incorporate them into your marketing strategy.


One of the most effective spots for video campaigns is YouTube. This platform remains one of the most visited sites on the Internet and is the second most popular search engine after Google. According to a study done by the award-winning online video maker Animoto, 76% of millennials follow companies or brands on YouTube, spending up to an hour on the platform during each session. Whether it’s through comedy, instructions, previews, etc., this cost-effective marketing outlet enables brands to speak to their viewers on a more emotional level, while also directly driving traffic to their landing pages.


Whether it’s a Taco Bell taco shell filter covering your face or a quick snapshot of what’s been going on behind the scenes of your brand during the past 24 hours, Snapchat is quickly climbing to the top of the social media ladder. Millennials are content driven, but they are also time-sensitive. Having an outlet where a brand can create relationships with their consumers without taking up too much of their time is key. Snapchat enables your audience to see a more light-hearted side of your business, making your business feel more like a friend on their story than a brand begging for attention.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a fairly new feature for the world’s largest social media platform. Through live video, Facebook users are able to connect with their viewers in real-time, resulting in a large amount of comments and shares for your page. Perhaps you work in real estate and want to show a house to buyers while walking through it, or maybe you’re a local restaurant sharing a secret recipe with your frequent diners. Invite your consumers into your world and watch as they form a stronger bond with your brand.

People, specifically millennials, want to feel connected to the product they are purchasing. Take that extra step in building an emotional relationship with your followers and spark a conversation through video content marketing. If their faces are glued to their screens, then video marketing is the perfect way to meet them there.  If you need help incorporating this powerful tool into your business plan, contact Sage Island and let our team make you a star.

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