February 4th, 2009

Zappos ‘kicks’ it up a notch with visual search

by sage island

Over the years Zappos.com has become the top seller of shoes on the internet and it is clear why. Stocking more than 3 million pairs of shoes and accessories and carrying over 1,000 name brands, Zappos.com is the alpha of the ecommerce shoe industry. Initially recognized for strong customer service and satisfaction, Zappos.com has held true to allowing customers return shoes at no cost! I guess the old saying holds true … if the shoe fits, wear it (if not just return free of charge).

Today Zappos proves they are still a leader for the online shoe business. Stepping it up a notch, the website now offers a new way to navigate through its massive inventory. When selecting a product in Explore.Zappos.com, you will feel you have stepped into shoe heaven as similar products begin to arrange themselves. You can then continue your quest to find the dream shoe by next filtering according to price range, discount, size, color, brand and description.


This is a great interactive feature added to the website and is a ‘shoe in’ to be a big hit among customers. Check it out and satisfy your shoe fetish through a visual search!

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