September 26th, 2014

Social Media Round Up

by Steph DeLuca

It’s been another crazy week in the social media world! Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter made some big developments/announcements this week. Here’s what you need to know:

Add Products to Your Amazon Wish List with a Twitter Hashtag

This is SO cool from a tech standpoint. Someone in your Twitter feed tweet a link of an Amazon product? Reply and use the #AmazonWishList hashtag, and that item will be added to your Amazon Wish List. Amazon sends a tweet AND email to confirm that the desired product was added to your list. Want it in your cart? Bet you can’t guess what that hashtag is.

I wonder how this will affect Twitter once Facebook’s hashtags are rolled out to all users.


Facebook’s Got A(Nother) New Advertising Platform

Marketers are able to target the success of an online ad by placing pieces of code—“cookies”—on web pages that track your visit. But what if you see an ad on your smart phone while you’re en route to work, and then make the purchase on your desktop? (During your lunch break, of course.) How will an advertiser track that conversion from the mobile ad? How will its effectiveness be measured? From that standpoint there is no real, sure-fire way for advertisers to track the success of specific ad(s).

This all might change next week when Facebook unveils their newest advertising platform, Atlas. There’s talk that it’ll combat Google and track users across desktop AND mobile. Be still, my heart.

Pinterest Promoted Pins are Almost Here!

Pinterest put on her big girl pants, amping up for the big leagues with Promoted Pins. And instead of a slow roll out where the platform decides which brands have access (looking at YOU, Instagram and Facebook), they’re letting you join the Pinterest Advertising waitlist.

In case you missed it: Pinterest also so graciously updated Pinterest Analytics last month, allowing businesses to view stats such as most engaging pins, boards with most impressions and pins that rank highest in search results. You can take a closer look at your audience’s demographics and their interests as well—a huge bonus for all brands.


The Sage social media team has a great social advertising system in place right now, but we’re always so excited to tinker with new features!

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